Tour Program

The organizing committee of DASFAA 2012 proudly present the conference tour program. The purpose of this program is to give some insight about the current technology of shipbuilding and marine engineering presented by Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering which is one of world’s premium shipbuilding and offshore contractors.

Tour Date: April 18th, 2012
          Location Time
Departure Novotel Ambassador Hotel(诺富特伊碧斯酒店) 12 : 30
Bus view Gwangan Bridge(广安里大桥) 12 : 46
Bus view Busan New Port(釜山新港) 13 : 26
Bus view Gadeokdo Island(加德岛) 13 : 40
Bus view Geoga Bridge(Busan – Geoje)(巨加大桥) 14 : 10
Industrial Visit Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering(大宇造船海洋) 14 : 50
Arrival Novotel Ambassador Hotel(诺富特伊碧斯酒店) 18: 30
During our journey there, we will be passing by some places that considered as the wonders of Korea.
Gwangan Bridge, Korea third biggest suspension bridge (over ocean) after the Namhae Bridge and the Yongjong Bridge, stretches over as long as 7,4km.  The bridge is the symbol of the ocean-side roads that it connects. It was constructed to relieve chronic traffic jams on the arterial highway that connects Busan Port with highway networks leading to Seoul and other cities.
Busan Newport, part of the Free Economic Zone, is one of the national priority projects designed to help Korea become a financial and logistic hub of Asia. With 30 new planned berths, the construction is scheduled for completion by 2015. Initial 6 berths were opened in 2006, and additional 24 berths are going to be built by 2015. The total cost is estimated at USD 9.15 billion, and once completed, the new port will be capable of handling 8.04 million TEUs annually.
  Last but not least is the four-lane Geoga Bridge connecting Busan and Geoje. It consists of sea-level cable-stayed bridge (3.5km), undersea tunnel(3.7km) called "Gadeok Tunnel”, and a ground tunnel (1.0km). The bridge reduces the travel distance between Busan and Geoje from 140km to 60km. The Gadeok Tunnel is garnering special attention from construction industries around the world as it was built using the finest techniques no other country has achieved before. The Geoga Bridge also has shot Korea's civil engineering up to the next level, and furthermore, has opened up a new chapter in the field of underwater construction.
  Fulfill your interest in our tour program. A chance to witness, first-hand, the advances of Korea Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering Industry. Notice the fact that DSME (Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering) vessels are highly appreciated for their finest quality in the world's shipbuilding market where major players in the world economy such as Europe and America compete. Their well known major products are Commercial Vessels, Specialty Vessels, and Offshore & Onshore Plants.

Aren't you curious and want to know more about DSME, its product, and their Trust & Passion corporate culture? Join our exclusive tour program, satisfaction guaranteed!

For further information, don't hesitate to contact us by email at To apply for our tour program, send your name (of each participant and the number of people – if you register more than one participants) to no later than April 17th, 2012. Expected confirmation will be sent to your email afterwards.

  • Notes:
    1. 1. This tour program is FREE.
      2. Maximum quota of this tour’s participants is 35 people.
      3. First come first served.